I Carry Your Heart ~ References & Inspirations


i carry your heart -- e. e. cummings.

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Chapter 2 

There is a Pleasure in the Pathless Woods -- George Gordon, Lord Byron

Chapter 3 


A first century Irish hero. His body gave off heat, capable of melting snow and ice or turning water to steam. He alone could heal the wounds he inflicted on his enemies. In battle he would go into a raging state and change his body into monstrous forms.

In “Masques” Bridget O’Donnell told Vincent he looked as if “he might have ridden with the Cuchulainn”.

Chapter 7

The Presence of Love -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Running to Paradise -- William Butler Yeats

the real life sculptors:

M. L. Snowden

some of Snowden's sculptures

Auguste Rodin -- The Eternal Idol

photograph of the Idol

Chapter 8

Maya Angelou: quote “If one is lucky...”

e. e. cummings: poem “i carry your heart”

Chapter 10

George Eliot ~ Adam Bede, excerpt: Chapter 54

musical references:

Tomasa Albinoni ~ Adagio in G minor for Organ and Strings

Johann Sebastian Bach ~ Air on the G String - Suite No. 3 in D Major

Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor

Chapter 11

"I will never escape my skin." -- inspired by Tommy Emmanuel's song, Inside Out

Chapter 14

image of Vincent inspired by Chandler's (Tunnelbrat) drawing "Turmoil"

Chapter 15

quote: “If ever two were one, then surely we”
To My Dear and Loving Husband -- Anne Bradstreet

quote - paraphrased: “To Be One with Each Other” -- George Eliot -- Adam Bede
quote - repeated from chapter 7: Running to Paradise -- William Butler Yeats


idea of the bathing chamber inspired by Chandler's (Tunnelbrat) hidden drawing on WFOL 2008