References & Inspirations


(note: 4/28 ~ I am embarrassingly behind listing my references. I do apologize. The footnotes in the chapters do list the literary inspirations, but I have so much fun stuff waiting to be posted. One day, SOON, I will catch up with all the footnotes and music. My bookmarks list is just huge with links.)

Meeting at Night/Parting at Morning -- Robert Browning

The Pocket Watch

Smokey Quartz and Black Quartz

Change for Good performed by Tommy Emmanuel

Map of the Bronx Tunnel World

part of a set,
created in 1991 by Tunnelworld Publications & Loving Companion Enterprises

Woodlawn Cemetery Mausoleums

the Transcendentalists

The Irish wooden flute:

Hauntingly beautiful and wild Erik the Flutemaker
and another by Erik, Forest of Dreams
and another, Dreamt of the Irish Shore
and another, Whispers of Spring
the Mac Caba Sisters concertina trio

Young Ned of the Hill
, performed by Celtic Crossroads

a single fairy tree and a grove of them
The Village Den Restaurant on 12th Street

visual inspirations for Rosaleen's shop:

Rosie's shop modeled after Penine Hart Antiques and Art at 100 Kenmare Street, New York, NY (off Broome Street! Yikes, remember No Way Down?)

Antique Christening Gowns

The dpchallenge Contest Winners - naturally B&W in Color photographs

inspirations for Rosaleen's sculpture

Sculpture by Robert John Guttke,
co-writer of When the Blue Bird Sings

Immortal Love: And the Sons of God saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair…sculpture by Daniel Chester French (this link takes you to some amazing close-up photographs of this sculpture)

Some interpretations of the legends of the Grigori

Jackie Daly, Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn play Monaghan's Jig

Charlie Lennon's jigs with Frankie Gavin and friends

a real Ceilidh dance
An Irish Church Social
In an Irish pub

a Leprechaun Watch Webcam in County Tipperary!


Anonymous said...

These references are astounding, Carole! I didn't know what I was missing. You are a genius...this story is beyond fanfic...thank you.
#1 Fan

AT44 said...

Well, Thank You! I have so much fun researching, surfing, getting lost in youtube.... I'm glad you enjoyed the links. I'll have more before the story if finished, I'm sure.


Mich said...

Carole, I had no idea you had put up visuals as well as poetry and music. I'm awed. Would it be terrible of me to copy your idea? What a magical insight into a writer's mind ... to see the things that move them!