The Only Gift

(part 3 of  A Great and Thorough Goodfollows Questions)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


India said...

This is a wonderfully creative story, the best Return of Kristopher I've found.


Sonia Who? said...

A truly magical story.

Carole W said...

Thanks Sonia (and India too, whose comment I missed in April! )

I'm partial to this story myself and I'm extra grateful when someone reads and responds to it. It was fun and challenging to write and I hope it is believable within the context of the greater story.


New York City Utopia said...

I had to re-read this one too. I had forgotten how utterly magical it was. Silly me probably read it at maximum speed the first time.

Carole W said...

Thanks NYCU! I'm so pleased you'd reread this.

When it was first posting on TT, the site crashed. Remember that - CABB was off-line for a couple of weeks or so? It went down at chapter 2 of The Only Gift, if I recall correctly, so it the story line would have been easily forgotten.

Thanks for liking it.
~ Carole