Iron Behind the Velvet ~ Character Look-alikes


Maybe a tad too old, but close.


No wonder Martin cherishes her memory. She could easily be Rosie's and Eimear's mother.


This is the well-known, wondrously talented Lorena McKennitt. Not every photograph of her looks as I think Rosie does, but here, she's perfect. I think she could take Joe to a different place ...

Or maybe ...


Eimear *appeared* to me, several years into the writing, but perfectly, when I saw a photo of a friend. All other images pale beside this:

I can't thank my friend Lindariel for sharing her youthful photo 
and allowing me to use it in this story. 
Isn't she beautiful!!!

Pair her with Flynn  ... so sweet!


I decided that I should have a model for Flynn - an image to write from as his scenes come up. I thought of a morph of Clive Owen, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman, with a bit of Mel/Braveheart thrown in, but nothing felt just right. And then for a while, I was distracted by the past issues of the FDNY Firefighters calendars.

My search for inspiration ended when I remembered a favorite actor - Irish, a Gaelic speaker, even today at nearly 60 quite lovely. When I googled images, I found some from his younger days ...

Here's Gabriel Byrne several years ago: So Flynn-like ... black hair, blue eyes, a broody face that can break into a sweet, sweet smile. Flynn is bigger and more muscled out, but otherwise, this is pretty much who I see when I write his character.

 G. Byrne, backwards in chair

And here, he's perhaps a bit older than Flynn - who's about 32 or so in the story (and I'm guessing GB is more likely 40-ish here)

And in his younger days ...

G. Byrne, younger

If you'd like to hear a fragment of a poem in Gaelic, here's a link to an NPR-Fresh Air interview with Gabriel Byrne. At 32 minutes into the interview, he talks a bit about the Gaelic language and delivers a few lovely lines of verse.

NPR Interview


Oh, who does he remind Catherine of? 


Yes, just a cameo as a Helper and Sebastian's grandson come home again, dancing a hello on the grate.


Krista said...

Woof. I mean, meow. I, gosh, what major neurosis do I need to come up with so I can have him counsel me? :-P

That's DEFINITELY Flynn, as I see him, anyway. ;)

Good job.


Carole W said...

Krista, I would study up on the most difficult and challenging neurosis to treat, hoping he'd find me his life's work. I'm buying Season 1 of In Treatment to have and to hold and as soon as they release Season 2, I'm there. The man at nearly 60 is still just lovely.

He is Flynn, isn't he? And it's funny - I created Flynn before I took real notice of Gabriel Byrne. But ... there he is. ~ C

Krista said...

Nice to know I'm not along in my Flynn---I mean, my Gabriel Byrne--lust. :-P If you haven't seen the most recent version of "Little Women," (the one with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder) go rent it. He plays the role of Professor Baehr (sp?) with what I think is a credible German accent--curiously, the character is a very Vincent-ish. Scholarly, restrained, with a wry sense of humor. ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you found "your" Flynn.


Carole W said...

I'm clicking up Netflix right now!

Krista said...

Enjoy---I know you'll love it. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do. The story just keeps their dream alive. And all the added touches, look alikes and pictures of items in your story makes it all the more real.

Carole W said...

Hi Maria! Thank you for your kind words. There's nothing I want to do more than make it real. I so desperately WANT it to be real.

I was whining a bit last night to a friend – that it takes about 3 hours just to post a chapter - to get the italics, the illustrations loaded, positioned and tagged (Blogger sometimes is recalcitrant - or I grow inept as the hour progresses LOL) and that I was exhausted from it, but I really love doing that part. There are writing days that I spend all my available hours just looking for visual inspiration - and when I luck up on something like the B-Shannon videos, I'm thrilled.

I don't know NYC really - just as a tourist - and luckily have friends who live there who are so generous to help me "locate" characters. For instance ... where does Joe live? There are so many factors to consider - price, distance from work etc. But when I settled on an address I felt Joe more - and there was a depth that I needed.

Thank you for reading and for exploring the links. It means a lot to me.


Ann B. said...

Gabriel Byrne is definately the embodiment of Flynn. Yes, I can see him a little more "muscled out" not too much.... just a bit. And that voice! Perfect! Thank you for including the link to the interview. I don't know if you are familiar with the work of Diana Gabaldon, but her Jamie and Claire remind me SO MUCH of Vincent and Catherine. Her books are well worth the reading if you can find the time to do so. I have been trying to find Jamie's voice for a long time and I think you just provided that as well. :^)

Carole W said...

Ann, I'm just starting on the first Outlander and I am captivated! I don't know where I've been since 1991 when DG started writing these.

You must rent from Netflix or the like, In Treatment. Season 1 is out on dvd now and 2 is coming out soon. Gabriel Byrne is the lead in it. Very interesting and oh, that accent ... if he were my therapist!!! LOL.

I'm really glad you could see Flynn in the same way I do. This imagining has been a lot of fun for me.

Thanks for the comments - I really appreciate your thoughts and am grateful you've stuck with me this long. Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

Carole! I just discovered that you put the photo here as well. My goodness! I really am so very flattered!

Best regards, Lindariel

NYC Utopia said...

Lovely photo of Lindariel (no, it's not the first time I've seen it here, but I neglected to acknowledge it).

Having a fresh laugh about our Gabe's Babes secret club here... and you know I may still need counseling... !