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For some reason and for a while, the comments page at Chapter 33 quit working so I set this page up to receive them. Now it's working again and if you wish, you can leave a comment either place.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Carole,
I've done my reading and re-reading of Chapter 33! It is, as always, beautifully written. One thing that jumps out at me is how much easier it will be for both C&V to deal with their workday issues/problems when they know they will be able to see each other at the end of each day!! I, too, agree that C can and should be a woman of both worlds. Keep up the great work - we are all like the children who anxiously awaited each Saturday at the movies to see the next installment in an exciting action serial! I love their intimate moments, even when they have to daydream about them! It's going to be wonderful for V to meet everyone, and especially when he can see the sculpture. I ramble I know, but I'm running out of adjectives to let you know how very much I love your writing and how very much it means to me.


Carole W said...

Jitterbug, you're so kind. Thank you. It means so much to know you're still enjoying the story.

Yes, I can't wait for Vincent to see the sculpture too! When will that ever happen???? ;-)

Chapter 34 ~ The Worldless Rose ~ is coming along. I wish I could shave off a day or two from the between-postings though I am doing better here lately, don't you think? I hope its a permanent trend, this shortening.

Thanks again, J. Really, you made my day.
~ Carole

Krista said...

Carole, what Jitterbug said. :) I check my own website often---not because I like looking at it, but because it updates me when you post something new. Now I know how all of those people who grew up with the "Saturday Evening Post" serials felt. :)

Vincent and that statue...oh, my....:)


Carole W said...

Krista, I have all sorts of imaginings for the unveiling of the statue and unveiling V as well. ;-)

Can't wait to get to that part.

It's been a herd of turtles, hasn't it, getting to Chapter 33? Thanks for your patience with the down-time.


RomanticOne said...

Vincent still seems to be an enigma. But isn't that part of what draws us to him? Strong, yet fearful of causing pain to those he loves. Awesomely masculine on the outside with a romantic soul on the inside. I'll take an enigma like that anytime!

Carole W said...

R-1! I agree. His mystery, the labyrinth of his emotions, the tangle of his thoughts - how he exacts from himself his best being. A magnet, for sure.