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V & C in an anniversary embrace. April 12th, Love Is All You Need


~ an arc of stories ~

These are Continuing Classic Beauty and the Beast fanfiction stories taking place some time after the events of A Kingdom by the Sea and instead of the last four episodes of Season 2 of the TV series (The Hollow Men and the Trilogy). I wholly leave canon at this point and create a different world of possibilities for Vincent and Catherine (and Father and Mouse) Above in the city of New York and Below in the Tunnels, hopefully always true to character and using the first 40 episodes as inspiration and guide.
Progressive from I Carry Your Heart, subsequent stories reference earlier-introduced characters, images and experiences, so the stories really should be read in order.
A bit down the main page are links to several stories posted on the fanfiction site, Everything. While these stories are not technically part of the Beyond the Stained Glass arc, they were written within the same universe, because I don't seem to be able to think outside my own box! The stories all mesh with and within the arc of Beyond the Stained Glass.
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set after the events of A Kingdom by the Sea

also published on Tunnel Tales

an immediate sequel to I Carry Your Heart
(adult content)
(adult-themed fan art links in the references)

also published on The Steam Tunnels

immediately following I Carry Your Heart and Marriage Morning
A Trilogy
Interludes ~ Questions ~ The Only Gift

also published on Tunnel Tales

follows A Great and Thorough Good
(some adult content throughout)

A Work Still In Progress ~ 78 of a predicted 92 chapters completed
Temporarily off-line for editing. 

The archway between …

Remember Love was entirely a dream, IMO, but one day,
they do take a trip to the lake.
These stories take place after Iron Behind the Velvet, but it isn't necessary to read I/V first (particularly since I/V isn't finished!)

Part 2 (a foreshadowing of a longer story): Thank You … Love ~ April, 2012

An anniversary story
- mild R at the end -

a flash-forward in the Beyond the Stained Glass arc
Originally published as one of the Night View Vignettes
~ a celebration of Chan's inspiration to all of us ~

*** A story for adults ***


An Anniversary Celebration story
in re-write to mesh better with the events of this unfolding arc
Originally published for and can still be found on 
BatBLand's April 12th, 2008 Celebration


Even though these were written for specific projects on particular themes, the stories dovetail, precede, complement, or otherwise fit in with the stories in the Beyond the Stained Glass arc.

(NOTE: Some the following links will take you to stories posted on the fan fic site, Everything …)

an expansion of Nor Iron Bars a Cage

an expansion of Down to a Sunless Sea

from Winslow's perspective ... Shades of Gray

What might Vincent be thinking? An imagining from Promises of Someday

Vincent's bed squeaks … a writing prompt inspired by Labyrinths

Jamie's Story …  Below this City ~ The Hearthside Stories

The Broken Headlamp ~ The Keepsake Stories

Sebastien's Story …  Secret-Keepers ~ Hearthside Stories II

That moment between the rescue and their leave-taking ~ Shades of Gray

A/N: Winslow's, Jamie's, and this last Shades of Gray story dovetail.
The WindBlowing and The Love, The Hope ...
correspond in time … sort of ... but there's no necessary reading order to the two.)

Jamie's story (Still Can't Say Goodbye) and Winslow's (The Wind... Blowing) are, however,  specifically connected, and Winslow's is best read first)

Posted here on Imagine, but originally part of the First Contact project
for the Sept. 25, 2015 Anniversary Celebration at CABB

Isaac's story of ... introduction


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HERE'S Kat's gift to Imagine for WFOL 2012

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outside this universe

originally published in Tunnels, Vol II (1990)
edited by Barbara Storey and Victoria Clark

an alternate ending to the S2 Trilogy (no S3 material)

Candle light and roses. For Chan
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