Winterfest 2010 Treasure Hunt

It pays to keep a map in your head.
Remember, some parts of the city are dangerous for the Tunnel Dwellers
as there are few entrances.

In No Way Down 
Catherine was surprised to find Vincent waiting for her
in the shadows, there to protect her as she 
interviewed a witness in a seedy part of town.

He ran into some ... trouble.

There were only two doorways available to Vincent 
and he needed them desperately.

Here's one ...
Vincent pulling on the sewer grate bars

And here's another 
~ inside the Beaumont ~ 

Vincent pulling on the door in the basement of the Beaumont

Do you recall the name of the street where Catherine met her witness?
(the answers are clickable links)

Was she ...

1. At 666 Sutton Place? 
2. Walking down 5th Avenue? (choose me! choose me! wasn't that for ice cream???)
3. On Broome Street?