Winterfest 2010 Treasure Hunt

It's a chute to a deep chamber all right ...
but it's not to Narcissa's chambers.

To find her, Vincent uncovered an arrow in the Chamber of the Winds.

   Vincent brushing away dust, uncovering an arrow on the floor.

(and in that episode, we almost get to see an ear!)

Vincent in Cave of the Winds, his hair blown back. V: I'm reminded of a poem ... O you that are so strong and cold, O blower, are you young or old? Are you a beast of field and tree, Or just a stronger child than me?

Ahh, Vincent. Always with the poetry.
(that's Robert Louis Stevenson - The Wind)
Narcissa in her room. N: Vincent! Come closer child. I know places ... secret places ... where the Father will never find you two.

Narcissa may be able to help Vincent, but you'll need to
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