For Chan ...

We've lost a treasure.

Except through her art, I don't know her well, but I met Chan once and in those few hours over a very long breakfast, she pulled me close, gave me her stories and memories and made me feel like I'd been a part of the family all these years.

Her drawings are my strongest inspirations.

 Turmoil  was the center of chapters 13 & 14 of  I Carry Your Heart .

Because of Coming Clean, I knew there was a private bathing chamber for Marriage Morning.

That she illustrated one of my stories - The Thing with Feathers - on BatBLand ...
I don't even know what to say. It's such an honor.

Because of Why, Father, I knew what to say in the flashback 
to young Vincent in Chapter 40 of Iron/Velvet. 

Because of How Can This Be? I know Vincent and Catherine have a happily-ever-after.

And dozens of her romantic images - like this one and this one  
and this one from the just-past WFOL - fuel the gauzy scenes I do love to write.

Because Turmoil moved me to tears, I wrote that first story and found real-life friends - kind souls who reached out first with encouragement and appreciation - treasured souls who are now so important to me ...

I owe that first step to Chan and I'm so glad I had the chance to tell her.

I remember something more about the morning I spent with her. On the BBTV list, I had often mentioned how intriguing I found the set of Tunnel Maps available for sale long ago. I'd only seen photographs, but one of the maps was the inspiration for Iron/Velvet. And when I met her for breakfast, she had that set in her hand. She said she remembered my wishes to see them. I was stunned by her thoughtfulness - though I learned quickly ... it was her way.

She was so encouraging, so supportive, so believing, so enthusiastic. How lucky we've been to have her.

~ Carole


New York City Utopia said...

Thanks Carole.
I will always love Chan...
I love you too.

Urban Literati said...

I'm so so sorry. Her art is beautiful. Our fandom is very fortunate to have had her, to share in her gifts and her vision.

My heart is with you in your sorrow.


Krista said...

Carole, this is such a loving tribute to a fine and loving woman. I wish I had known her better, but the little I did know of her makes me grieve all the more for those of you who did know her.

We were blessed. And now, I have to think she blesses us.


SandyX said...

Chan's art is so fabulous. Her drawings are like little stories - they let us see so much of what we never saw in the series.

I'm so happy for you, Carole, that you got to meet her. What a treat that must have been. And to know that Chan inspired you to write that first story that brought you to us - I'm grateful to her for that, and for the inspiration and pure pleasure her art provides.

Thank you for sharing this with us. It's a sad time.


Brandy said...


Thank you for sharing such beautiful inspirations. I did not know of Chan, but her art brings joy, which I see via her deviantart account, was resoundingly relayed.

It speaks both to her and to you that you found each other.


Carole W said...

Claire, Brandy, Rae, Krista, Sandy ... you all mean so much to me - and we're reminded, aren't we, that we shouldn't hold those words back.


Sonia Who? said...

I'm greatly saddened by the tragic loss of Chan and mourn for her along with her fans, friends and family. I'm sorry I never got to meet her in person, only got to chat with her a couple of times on Skype (we talked about the drawing of Vincent and Catherine) on one of the last days of WFOL 2010. She loved Beauty and the Beast Vincent and Catherine and that love showed in her artwork. She seemed like an great lady and was an amazingly talented artist. Her beautiful drawings and paintings will help always keep her memory alive. All BatB fans will always appreciate her big contributions to the fandom, including the wonderful sites and Winterfest Online. God Bless her.

- Sonia

Three Writers said...

Heaven is for being with all the people we wish we could have known and thanked and loved on earth. Wait for us, Chan.