WFOL 2011 Treasure Hunt - 3


You decoded the message!

Know this Catherine. I Carry Your Heart.

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I Carry Your Heart icon. Two intertwined silver Celtic hearts.

                                                Chapter 1    ~ Monday Morning
                                                Chapter 2   ~ The Lonely Shore
                                                Chapter 3   ~ Counterparts
                                                Chapter 4   ~ Visitor
                                                Chapter 5   ~ Pull of Responsibility
                                                Chapter 6   ~ Time Between
                                                Chapter 7   ~ Love Throb in the Heart
                                                Chapter 8   ~ What a Moon Means
                                                Chapter 9   ~ Here, Waiting
                                                Chapter 10 ~ His Return
                                                Chapter 11 ~ Off the Cliffs
                                                Chapter 12 ~ Closing Argument
                                                Chapter 13 ~ Dream World
                                                Chapter 14 ~ See Me
                                                Chapter 15 ~ An Ancient Word
                                                Chapter 16 ~ Anticipation 

                                                  References and Inspirations

picture of Treasure Chest. Text: The Treasure Hung continues.


Uh-oh. A snag. 

Vincent remembers loaning most of his old Captain Marvel comic books to Mouse – and his Batman, Superman, Steel Sterling and, ummm, Wonder Woman comics as well. 
Which means Mouse likely shouldn't be delivering his messages to Catherine.

Or hers to him.

But Mouse is the swiftest and the most willing messenger.

Hmmmm ...


Picture of Vincent's shelf crowded with toys. Two decoder rings are nestled there.

His Little Orphan Annie decoder ring! Yes!! 
He had two of them somewhere … here they are.

One for him; one for Catherine. 
She'll need the code setting … 

Hmmmm, again.

 He remembered how to use it. 
He set a letter and a number. The dial spun in his hands. 

Oh the words came swiftly and sweet! 

My Love, he began ...17, 22, 21, 9, 23, 7

 He set Catherine's decoder ring to the proper code, wrapped it in brown paper and tied it with string. 
He tapped once for Kipper, entrusting him with the parcel. I must tend to another task and 
I need your help, he told Kipper. 

Take this above for me, please, he asked. 

He tapped again for Mouse who was tickled to be back in his good graces, given yet another chance. Mouse tucked the message into a pocket, patted it, scampered off.

An hour later, Vincent returned to his chamber, his heart full again, another message begging to be penned, umm, coded.

But where was HIS decoder ring?

There were two – one went Above with Kipper – 
but now there were none!

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