2011 Treasure Hunt - End

by Kat
{click for an exquisite, larger view!}
Make sure you visit Kat's website – Empyrée Art  –  to see more of her work.
And don't miss her Winterfest drawings - in the Gallery of the Great Hall and in the Library
in R. Goodefellow's story - Better to Give.

Thank you, Kat, for this lovely moment!


Now, on you go!

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OKGoode said...

You are a slightly evil woman, Carole, but I love you just as you are! LOL (Yeah, I got up at 3:15 and started the treasure hunt... what's your point?"

Love, Laura

Abby (bedimpled 215) said...

Oh, that was a lot of fun. Thank you :)

[Have to rush, got a Vincent to catch!]

Sonia Who? said...

LOL, I thought I was the only one this late and was hoping I was the first one doing the treasure hunt, but you girls beat me to it. I actually haven't slept yet, decided to stay up all night to do the treasure hunt. Talk about OP!

Thanks for the great fun, Carole!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful drawing! Kat, you are very talented.

Carol, your screen captions are a lot of fun. I always enjoy your treasure hunts.


SandyX said...

Love the happy little smile on Vincent's face. Thanks for the puzzles - and the prize!

Krista said...

Oh, this was soooo much fun...even though I had to wait until I got home from work to meander through the Treasure Hunt.

You are evil. But in a good way.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Carole, thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Cathy S

tweetie said...

That was an amazing and tough journey Carole to make it all the way here, but it was fun ! And thanks Kat for the gorgeous,lovely drawing !

uastis said...

Ok that last one was hard I had the right codeword but thought I had to fill it in repately so after groceries shopping and picking up the post(late birthdaygifts from hubby for me from Amazon.com iiiiii!) and talking with a neighbour for an hour i decided to try it again and finished it and found Kat's beautiful drawing of our favorit co
uple. Thanks it was fun!


Ophelia said...

Better late than never - were truer words ever spoken (or written)! You made us work a little, Carole - but oh, what a prize at the end! I will be smiling all evening. Thanks for this, and for the lovely drawing from Kat - what a talent!

Carole W said...

Thank you everyone! I'm glad you had fun and made it through to the Treasure Chambers. You're all good sports and kind to let me know things went well for you.


Kat said...

This is my second journey through the Treasure Hunt - simply because it's so much fun. Didn't stop to leave a comment last time tough, so I just wanted to thank you Carole!

The last bit was tricky but I was also, believe it or not, interested to see the treasure even though I knew what it was *lol*, it's suck a joy be a part of it - thanks:D

Hugs all around,

Carole W said...

Kat, you were the perfect destination for this game - I can't thank you enough for your gift to this game. This is just a lovely drawing, such a tender moment.

I can't wait to see what you do next.

Big hugs,