A/N: Written first for the 100-word challenge at BatBLand ~ Of Love and Gratitude.
The exercise was to begin with the words "Thank you (Vincent or Catherine)" and end with the word "Love". 

With a little tweaking of the original, it's a foreshadowing of Part 2
of the Trip To The Lake stories I'm working on ~ For Peace Comes Dropping Slow. :-)


~ Part 2 ~
a foreshadowing of a longer story to come


“Thank you, Vincent.”

On the edge of the wooden dock, she swung her booted feet back and forth well above the still-cold water. Beside her, he sat with one knee drawn up. Birds swooped black against the lavender and grey-rose sky. Beyond the trees the sun crouched, ruddy with satisfaction. The first breeze of evening excited the still surface of the lake.


“For waking me.”

He might have said, “We’ve been up for hours.” He might have said, “But, Catherine, you kissed me awake this morning.” But he didn’t. He simply looked at her ... with love.



Krista said...

Even if it's too late...Carole, it's lovely. :) Gives me a case of the warm fuzzies, it does :)

-Krista ;)

Carole W said...

Thanks, Krista! I decided to do this tonight instead of surfing Ebay and Etsy. Writing short is kinda fun. LOL, It's nice to finish something.

SandyX said...

Awww! This is wonderful. Thank you for waking me. That's perfect.

Thank you, Carole for writing this.

Carole W said...

Oh, you're a sweetheart. Hugs for this!

Nancy said...

Carole, YOU can write anything and write it to a degree of perfection few can even aspire to.

Brit said...

Such imagery, Carole! How sweet and perfect this is. What a gift as well... To know this is a teaser of another story!
It's wonderful.

Carole W said...

Nancy - you're starting my day off with a smile. If I could just get on the first rung of the same ladder with you, I'd be happy. Thank you so so much.


Carole W said...

Thank you, Brit! You're so kind and generous.

I saw your 100-word challenge at BatBLand! How nice it is to see your work. Such sincerity and gentleness in your words. Thank you for adding warmth and glory to V and C's life together.