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I found this lovely interview online today. Martin is, in many dear ways, my treasured friend, Charlie. I love this photograph of him ... them. :-)

Martin's Inspiration - Father Charlie

Reading the article closely, I'm not sure the author has Charlie's story exactly right. I don't remember him telling me of nine brothers, but only five, and the article fails to mention his three sisters. Added up, there were nine children, so possibly that's the error. I met all his sisters, so I know they exist!


Krista said...

What a neat article, Carole! Charlie seems like quite a character...thanks for posting this, because I can sure see a lot of Martin in him. ;)


Carole W said...

He is a wonderful person. I hope Martin illustrates some of Charlie's joyousness. Thanks for reading the article.

I was surprised to find it this morning, as well as some new Youtube videos in which he's playing concertina along with a fiddler. He's always so somber when he plays!