Iron Behind the Velvet ~ Chapter 63

Chapter 63 has moved.

I had to repost this chapter - or I thought I needed to - fearing a Blogger glitch. 
I had two copies of the chapter online then, and it caused some confusion. 

If you're landing here, please go HERE instead. 

MamaCrow, I copy/pasted the comment left here over there, and responded to you there.

Sorry! and Thank You, everyone, for your support, patience, kindness and for reading. 
You all mean so much to me. I treasure your encouragement. Truly.



Mamacrow said...

Wowsers...As usual, Carole, you surprise me. I have read the chapter twice. The first time, being my greedy for pay off self, I was disappointed that the cliffhanger ending of the last chapter was not resolved. That being said, and although I read it at 11 p.m. on a night after a birth, and being knackered to say the least, I could feel the magic there. After a somewhat restful night, I had the rare privilege of reading 63 again in the quiet of a sans kids household. I believe this is my favorite chapter yet, (so sue me if I say that after every chapter, but still...) Here's why:
-Vincent always seems adamant that Catherine opened the world for him, but until now, no one, imho, has, with such thoughtful prose, described the weight of years without hope that Vincent had to endure, the frightening mundane that can lead so many of us to despair.
-"There was no Other...There is only me." A perfect insight. Not that I don't love stories with the Other, but I feel your exploration is so mature and well reasoned. Those voices within us have a life of their own, but they are still, only us.
-Finally, just the language, the way you write, the beautiful choices you have made. "...before which he must appear hospitable to evaluation." or "over worn paper that crackled improbably, as loudly, it seemed, as would an ill-advised step into dry leaves. Exposing, alerting ..., " or " And the threat of invasion, if lessened today, then guaranteed another." Such a pleasure to read.
Thank you again for your precious hours, and precious words.