Iron Behind the Velvet - Chapter 65 Redux (sort of)

Chapter 65  – Beyond All Seeable Proof, or Hearable Hum – needs a bit of explanation.

It will seem somewhat familiar, but I promise, there's new material in it, some subtle foreshadowings, and abut 2400 words added to what was, in essence, its outline when it went up at the end of Chapter 64.

I knew the Christmas holidays and WFOL preparation would keep me from finishing another chapter until well after the celebrations. I didn't want to leave Vincent on the bridge in anguish, or leave the answer to Flynn's fate - alive or dead - hanging for so long.

So I went on after Chapter 64 should have ended - with scenes not filled out enough - just a skeleton of the coming chapter really. And so, Chapter 65 is cut off from 64, and now as it should have been - more layered, with more action, more movement - though typically slow, I know.

It's been a really long time since Chapter 64 - several months - and I apologize for that. I hope to go uninterrupted until I finish the story now.

Click HERE for Chapter 64 - to refresh your memory or scroll to the new end to see where the chapter should have broken.Then - and there - get the link to Chapter 65

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Thanks for reading, for understanding, and, always, for your patience.