Winterfest 2014 - The Candle Messages Arrive!

Mark your calendars for WFOL 2014 - February 1-9

The Fourth Candle


Greetings from the Wintercandlemakers!

The holidays are just around the corner and William is in a tizzy! He's lost his favorite recipes – some well-loved, spattered-tattered recipe cards are simply missing from from his file box. He's sure Arthur has pilfered them. But you can help him, right?! And word is, he needs some new inspiration. Share your traditions and favorites. Send in a recipe or two to be posted at WFOL.

Treasure in the Tunnels! Treasure worth hunting for! It's time to draw up the maps. If you have a Beauty and the Beast website and are interested in hosting a stop along the Treasure Hunt, let the Candlemakers know. 

Things are a little quiet on the Whispering Bridge right now, but come Winterfest, the winds will stir and songs and poems will drift by. Do you (or your children) have a favorite poem or short excerpt you'd like to read aloud? Then get your microphone out. We need your audio recordings!   
Remember, WFOL's submission deadline is January 5. Use these last, long winter nights to polish your art, your stories, your crafts, videos, recordings, and poems. Send all your submissions
We'll create another journey for each other very, very soon.
Happy holidays to all.


The Third Candle


Greetings and Felicitations!

The response to the first two challenges has been wonderful, 
and it’s been delightful to see the different ideas 
that have come from the same three prompts.

Ready for Challenge #3?
Let’s keep those challenges going. 

For Challenge #3, you’ll need to work with these prompts:
Vincent. A trail of rose petals. A secluded cavern.

By now we're sure you know the guidelines, but if you've missed them, you can review them here:

The deadline for Challenge #3 is November  15.  Send your submissions to:

Round Robins
If you think you might like to join in, please contact us at
We still need some volunteers for the Classic Round Robin.

General Submissions

We would love to see…or hear…your  art, poetry, writing (vignettes up to 25,000 words), crafts, recipes, readings, videos, music ...
If you think of something we haven’t mentioned, check in with us and ask.
The candlemakers will provide the venue, the decorations, and the necessary accessories for the festivities, as well as some games and other entertainments. Like Mouse and his tube of colors, though, we need you to add your own colors and textures to the displays this year. We know what talented and resourceful people we can find among the Beauty and the Beast fans, so put your talents to work and let us help you show them off. We can quite honestly say that Winterfest wouldn’t be the same without you.
For all the general submission guidelines and information for WFOL 2014, please visit our precon page
If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
The Wintercandlemakers


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The Second Candle

The Wintercandlemakers have a few things to pass along to you.


This year we are looking for volunteers to participate in the Round Robins, both the classic and 3rd season versions. This is an open invitation. If you would like to be a part of this Winterfest Online tradition, please write to the wintercandlemakers as soon as possible, designating the RR you would like to participate in. The first eight volunteers to respond for each of the RRs will have a place in the line up. We’ll contact you as soon as we have a list. If you have questions about how the Round Robins work, send us an email, and we'll get back to you with details.


We are delighted to tell you that our first challenge was a smashing success. We received quite a few stories, even a piece of artwork from a first-time artist! Brava!

So because of all the positive feedback, we’re ready to issue our second challenge. You know, striking while the iron is hot. <G>

The three prompts are: Edie. Baseball bat. The Statue of Liberty.

The guidelines are the same as in the first challenge. Either write a story using all three subjects in 1000 words or fewer, or draw an image, as simple or as complex as you like, using the prompts.

The deadline for Challenge #2 is October 12. Send your submissions to:

(Did you miss the first challenge? You can read it here:

Lastly ... for all the general submission guidelines and information for WFOL 2014, please visit our precon page

We’re off to a great start this year. Keep it up!

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The First Candle

First Greetings, BatB fans, from your Winter Candlemakers - the organizing committee for Winterfest Online.

We're excited to announce our next WFOL celebration – our 11th! – will be held February 1-9, 2014.

As is our tradition, this message is the first in a series of announcements (aka candles) that will bring you important information about the upcoming Winterfest celebration and suggestions for your participation in our virtual gathering. Be watching for all the candles to come.

Those of you new to fandom may be wondering what Winterfest Online is all about! You can explore last year's party by following this link:

Remember - we create the dream for each other. Everyone is encouraged to “bring a dish” to the party. Be it art, story, song, video, poetry, cartoon, craft, essay, or filk: be it funny, sad, romantic, sweet, or steamy: be it a group project or an individual submission, your work will be displayed during WFOL for all to enjoy. If you aren't comfortable writing in English, please feel free to send your submission in the language of your choice. You'll find that the guests at Winterfest represent a number of countries around the world. 

Now, who among you thinks it’s far too early to be thinking about a submission to WFOL? 

Not so fast! 

Today, the candlemakers issue the first in a series of challenges for writers and artists alike, little somethings to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll give you three words as prompts: a character, an item, and a place. Somehow, you’ll use all three prompts in your submission. Don’t worry. These are designed to be quickies! There will be other challenges set forth along the way, but jump right in today! Don’t wait for the next one! 

Here's your first set of prompts: Samantha. Ballet shoes. The Great Hall. 

We'd like our writers, both new and experienced, to create a story using all three subjects, in 1000 words or fewer

We'd like our artists, both budding and established, to create a doodle, a sketch, a cartoon, or a full work of art with all three subjects included in the image/s.

There IS one catch. <G> You have just two weeks to complete your submission. 
The deadline for this challenge is September 20. 

Send your stories and artwork to

These projects will be posted during WFOL. We hope everyone will try one or more or all of our challenges. Even if you have never put a pencil to paper, this is your chance to let your creative side out to play. You may surprise yourself. 

The clock is ticking ...