Welcome illustration: The Imagine Mosaic in Central Park, covered in snow with the snow brushed away from the word "Imagine". There's a Winterfest candle in the snow beside it. Text reads: Happy Winterfest, Imagine That.

Welcome to Imagine That.
It's good to see you all again this Winterfest!
I know you're all anxious to gather up your picnic paraphernalia, 
so let's get right down to business.

Chocolate-covered strawberries.
Vincent loves them. Oh, yes, he does! 
Catherine knows this, of course, 
and she promised him this special treat.
But it's up to you to deliver the berries …
by answering a few questions.

Finish the quiz and you'll make Vincent  
– and Catherine, too –
very happy picnic-ers.


This year's game is a test of your poetry knowledge. 
(Or search-willingness) 
(Or, okay, guessing)

Beyond the Stained Glass is an arc of stories,
and all the titles in this series are listed in the right sidebar  >>>>>
In one instance, a title comes from a record album. 
The rest of the titles are taken from poetry, 
and the authors are well-known poets.  

Choose the correct author of the poem 
from which each story's title is taken.
Click on your answer.

If you don't know for sure and you'd rather not just guess,
you can Google the story title.


The first story in the arc is:

Two intertwined silver Celtic hearts on a black background. Text reads: I Carry Your Heart

Who penned the title words, i carry your heart?

Dylan Thomas
Rainer Maria Rilke
e e cummings