Fake It 'Til You Make It

Good advice, Martin to Vincent, Vincent to Kanin, to all of us who can internalize the concept, employ it in our own lives and stories. I've been trying it myself; I really have. Faking being the kind of person who can accomplish every single item on my to-do list, no matter how many additions it receives, before I leave for the con in Minneapolis Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning early. Early-early.

Believing I would make that deadline and finish the next chapter before take-off, repeating I know I can, I know I can every morning first thing, every evening's last drifty moment, and when it became obvious no amount of faking completion was gonna make it so, I bought a wireless keyboard for my ipad. Now I'm faking I can write the last, most serious scene and tweak it and post the chapter while I'm gone.

Sometimes, I guess, fake until you make takes a while - or takes a different form. Maybe I should tweak the writing-on on this story - it's not unfinished - it's serialized. There's a difference, isn't there? It would sorta relieve some of the pressure I apply to myself.

Anyway, all this is to say I'm sorry for not coming through already.

Chapter 76 ASAP after Minneapolis. I wish we could all, every one of us, be together for a few days.


Anonymous said...

No worries, Carole! We faithful readers are a greedy lot, but we patiently wait for the gentle drops of rain. Have FUN at the con! We'll still be here when you get back.

Regards, Lindariel

Anonymous said...

Oh Carole you are way too hard on yourself. There is no editor pushing you for a deadline so just know that whenever you post a new chapter it is most gratefully received. Now go and have a fabulous time at the con so you can report back to us!
Sue G.

Brit Stem said...

Go have fun! It is definitely okay. I am still in almost writing again phase because life has been....adventurous. Fake it until you make it does take a while to work. And sometimes it does not work and the glue fails as well. So take a much needed break. I'll be thinking of you all at the Con. I'm sorry I was unable to attend this one. Maybe I just need to make mini vacation times and visit all of you that I can! ^_^ many hugs to you and come back refreshed and with many stories that you can retell!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carole,

don't worry, I doubt any of us will blame you or run away - we're probably way too curious how things develop further, and the good things are worth waiting for!
So, me too wishes you a lot of fun at the Con and too bad I can't hop over and join you.

*waves over the Great Pond*
the Crashcat