Winterfest Online 2015

Keep watch here and at CABB for upcoming candle messages.

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Greetings fellow tunnel dwellers. 

As announced, WFOL 2015 will be held February 7th - 15th and we, the candlemakers, are counting on you to once again fill the tables in the Great Hall with your "culinary delights". Winterfest Online is a potluck celebration and the more "dishes" you bring, the more sumptuous the meal. 

Not sure what to bring?  Check out the general suggestions and guidelines here.  

Please remember that these are just starting suggestions.   Feel free to use them or create something totally outside the box.   It is always a treat to see something new and unique. 

To get your creative juices flowing, here is the challenge we promised.
Because WFOL 2015 includes February 14th, 
our first challenge has a Valentine's Day theme.   

  The three prompts are:    A crumpled note.   Chocolates.   A ticking clock.  

Here are the guidelines: 

For our writers: create a Valentine's Day themed story 
using all three prompts in 1000 words or less.

For our artists:  create a doodle, a sketch, a cartoon, a montage, 
or a full art piece using all 3 images. 

Remember you only have 2 weeks to submit your contributions.   
The deadline is October 1st.

Send your stories and/or artwork to  

Now go preheat your ovens and start cooking! 

Your wintercandlemakers 

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The First Candle

As the season turns, we would like to announce that Winterfest Online will be February 7 - 15, 2015. We'll have a challenge for you in another announcement coming soon. In the meantime, if your muse is chomping at the bit, go ahead and get started on your own. :-)  

For anyone who's new to our community since last year, Winterfest Online is our fandom's annual winter get-together. It lasts 9 days and takes place completely online. 
Check out last year's Winterfest HERE.

–– The Wintercandlemakers

Remember, it's a potluck, and all the 'dishes on the table' come from us! 
Work up that idea you've been nurturing, be it art, story, song, video, poem, craft, filk, essay, recipe, list, screen play, letters, postcards, comic strips, shared-author stories ... Really, anything is possible! 

If you have questions, email the Candlemakers:

And when your submissions are ready, send them to that same address.

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