WFOL 2015 Treasure Hunt - A New World

Somewhere in the northern tunnels ...

You're right, Vincent. It is magnificent. And the people are great.
I'll think about setting up here, moving here. I really will. 
But hey, you sure seem to like this community, these tunnels. 
Would you ever ... ? Would you consider ...?


What comes next is the subject of a coming fan fic, a story in the long arc that begins with I Carry Your Heart.

But what comes now is some news regarding this site, 
Imagine That.

In the coming year, my fan fic site will be moving from Blogger to a regular web site. I'll be able to do some new and different things there and do the regular things (posting chapters and stories) more easily. Plans and ideas are under study. Work is already underway.

By next Winterfest, I hope to be up and running in a new tunnel world. 
Progress on this project will be noted in my sidebar.  Until then, I'll be right here.

I do hope you'll come back for a visit. 

Thanks for playing along!

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Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon - don't tell me I'm the first to leave a note here? O.o

I loved the idea of the story, mixed with the little trivia.

Also happy to see Vincent is giving you a hand with the writing, and the move to a website is also good.

Sounds like someone has done an early spring cleaning, and a proper one? :)

Keep it up, lass. ^^

The Crashcat

Carole W said...

Crash, you ARE the only commenter, and I do thank you for it! These little story games, this one and the one at the CRLL, were my last-minute WFOL projects and not easy to coax from my tired old brain. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Carole W said...

PS: I have been doing some housecleaning. That 'made some room' in my head - I've been writing again, finally. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've had the theory for a long time that in your home, it's not only important to make your body feel comfy, but also your mind too. I kinda call that "mental coziness" - a former friend of mine was very messy and it occured to me that if your mind is "not feeling well" or doesn't have "room to expand and roam", the rest of you probably won't feel right too. Even though I'm a chaotic person, there's enough space left for mine in my apartment. ^^

(I'm NOT looking forward to my delayed spring cleaning...)

the Crashcat