Together At Last!

Six months. It's been six months since I last posted a chapter to Iron Behind the Velvet. I promise I've been thinking on it all along while working on WFOL/BatB projects and stuff I just had to do around the house and farm. I am so grateful that you're here today at Imagine That; you've been beyond patient and generous with me. I promise new chapters of Iron/Velvet will go up soon.

This new story, That Which We Call a Rose, is one I've been noodling for a couple of years now, maybe longer. Imagine my surprise when one day a discussion arose on the BBTV Yahoo group with a goodly part of the general premise of this story as its theme! Yikes! Waaah! I'd been compiling a list of words and snippets of poetry for this story forever! What a coincidence! How could this be!?! For a few moments I thought I'd just let the idea go - to a degree many of you have 'read' some of this already - but then it kept nudging me and nudging me. So I kept on with it, and here it is.

While I positioned it as a flash-forward from the events of Iron Behind the Velvet in the Behind the Stained Glass arc, it is a stand-alone story. Those who have not read even one story on this site will not be lost. An evening-in for Vincent and Catherine. Total fluff, a lot of gauze, and possibly not safe for reading at work:

click HERE: That Which We Call a Rose - (rated R+ at least)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you find it a fun read.



Vicky said...

AAAAHHH! Oh, Carole, what music to my ears! I was going to email you last week because I'd been checking and checking my Imagine RSS feed and it wouldn't show... and I was getting worried you had indeed disappeared! (Yes, I check from time to time just to see where IV is at, debating myself on whether to restart it or wait til it's done)...
Anyway, what sweet surprise and just in time! I'll make this my first read brailled in the new baby; I'm taking it to bed with me tonight! Thank you for what I already know is a wonderful Easter gift! :-) Love you and big hugs, my friend.

Carole W said...

Vicky, thank you for keeping watch , i had to turn iff the RSS during WFOL so the treasure hunt pages wouldn't show up in it. I just now turned it back on with the post of this story.

I'm so excited for you having the braille printer!

Hugs always for your encouragement and more.

Carole W said...

Goodnes at the typos! Sure wish I could edit comments! I had to turn OFF the RSS, not iff.