Illustrations by Linn (Joan W)

Look! Linn sent this wonderful drawing of Vincent. Such a tender expression he wears. I'll be using it in Iron/Velvet just as soon as I find its perfect spot.  I'm thinking right near the beginning as he first takes his leave of Catherine ... no, wait, in chapter 46 he looks wistfully down the corridor. What about when he goes to Levon's old entrance when he's searching for Kanin ...

But then, when he finds Catherine under the bandshell in I Carry ...  wouldn't he look just like this?

So many perfect places for it.

Now there must be more coming, right? Please say there are more.

Vincent In Love

Vincent, In Love by Linn

I decided! This drawing appears first in I Carry Your Heart Chapter 10 ~ His Return. I'm planning to put him in again in Iron/Velvet too. I'll update this section when I do.

Thanks so much!

Linn signs her drawings as Linn, but she writes as Joan W. Check out her stories on TT and in the library of WFOL 2010!

Today, another one!

Carrying Her 

Carrying Her, by Linn

Posted August 4

Father Says ...

The Water Nymph from Iron/Velvet, Chapter 47 ~ By the Surprise of It's Own Unfolding

Here's the link to Linn's gift to Imagine's WFOL 2012 Treasure Hunt

A little spicy, this one, in case you're opening at work. ;-)


SandyX said...

You can certainly tell who he's thinking about ;-) I find myself fixed on his eyes, there's such expression there. Very nice.

Ann B. said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL! It has so much life and feeling. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Carole W said...

And I just want to dig my fingers into those locks!


Anonymous said...

Nope not hard to tell who is on his mind;-) Thank you for your kind words,appreciate them -Linn

I am very glad that you liked it. Thank you so much for your nice comment:-) Linn

How can I begin to express my thanks to you? Yes, there will be many more drawings to come, only hope they do justice to your beautiful stories...

three dreams said...

Linn, you are gifted! These pieces whisper powerful feelings. They are lovely. Thank you! Nancy

Sonia Who? said...

Good job drawing Vincent, Linn. Good expression and nice hair. In the first drawing he looks a little younger than his current age, I think. Hope to see many more of your drawings. We can naver get enough good BatB V&C fanfic and artwork.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. It means so much to me:)Hugs Linn

Thank you for your kind words. He does seem young doesn't he? Ahhh... I think it's love that is responsible for that:)
Forever young *sigh*-Linn

RomanticOne said...

This really captures Father. Who can forget him shaking that finger when he wanted to make a point?

Anonymous said...

Yes,lol, he was notorious for shaking that finger! But we will always love him anyway! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.- Hugs Linn

Brit said...

I like Carrying Her.
The one of Father certainly rings true.
: )
Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brit,so glad you liked them:)Working on a few more...