Illustrations by MLA

I received the most lovely gift from MLA (Michele), a very talented artist. She's drawn Catherine's anniversary gift to Vincent - her father's pocket watch. The detail is rich. Oh, I love the stars!

I'm creating a page for you, Michele, because I do hope you'll do more.

I'm so appreciative and grateful for your artwork. It means a lot to me that you'd do this. Now (greedy me) ... more?

The Anniversary Watch from Chapter 2 and Chapter 9. 

The Anniversary Watch

Two new drawings received July 16

The Dormitory Doorway in Martin's churchyard from Chapter 31

dormitory door, Martin's garden

In The Laundromat from Chapters 22 and 23


Krista said...

Oh, wow. I'm always in awe of people who can draw....well... anything The best I can manage is anorexic stick figures ;-)

This is fantastic and gorgeous--MLA, I'm with Carole. You must draw more.

-Krista :)

MLA said...

Carole thank you for your wonderful comments. It is your story that has inspired me to draw again. I am glad you like the drawing. I do have a couple more ideas for you. I hope I can live up to your praise.


Krista, thank you for your comments. But it is me who is in awe of you and Carole. Your writing is truly inspirational. The words truly create the pictures, I am just fortunate to be able to draw more than a stick figure. I hope you both continue to keep the dream alive.
I am glad the picture turned out.
Thank you again,


Carole W said...

Michele, your picture MORE than turned out. :-) And it's me who'll endeavor to live up to your kind words.

But oh! You should see my stick figures. So sad. I'll have to test Krista to see if hers are as scraggly as mine.


Anonymous said...

MLA, thank you for the wonderful drawing and for all the drawings to come. (Might I ask if your initials have any connection with my old high school in NY...TMLA?) Nancy

MLA said...

Anonymous, no they are just my name. I was born and raised in Maryland.
I am glad you liked the drawing. I do have another I am finishing off, hopefully today.