WFOL 2011 Treasure Hunt


Imagine Circle Mosaic in Central Park. Vincent's hand, placing a rose. Snowing.

I hope you enjoy your travels here and after Winterfest, 
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~ Carole 

NOTE: Now that WFOL is over, I've returned my site to its standard form. I've linked up the TH pages one to another but the game isn't actually playable any more. Follow the links in red at the bottom of each page. You'll go through without having to locate your decoded answers in the sidebar. As the prize at the end of Imagine's hunt, there's a lovely drawing by our newest artist, Kat, from Finland, and you'll find the link to the next leg of the hunt as well still active until further notice.


But let's get on with the game!
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First … a little motivation
At the end of Imagine's activity, there's a very special treat for you! ;-)

And now ... a little background.

There are no maps to where we are, Vincent once said.

And no telephones either! 

But messages are delivered.

That tapping, Catherine observedIt never stops …

Now we all know Vincent and Catherine have much to say to each other …

Vincent and Pascal in pipe chamber. Text: Without warning, as a whirlwind swoops on an oak, love shakes my heart.

But do you really think they'd send such sentiments on the pipes??

I don't think so.

Messages then, hand-written … 

Vincent reading a note in his chamber. Text: Sweet nothings, a whispered wish …

Catherine picking up a note left on her balcony. Text: or Love's summons.

But often these must be delivered by other than the penner's hand …

And that can spell trouble …

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Illustration Quotations

Night and day …  Carl Sandburg. Under a Telephone Pole.
Without Warning … Saphho
Pulse for pulse … Christina Rossetti. Echo.