Iron Behind the Velvet

78 chapters written, and this novel is still in progress

I am beyond slow under the best of conditions but 2016 was a record-setter (see the post The Year I Wrote Nothing Postable). I do intend to finish the novel; I've been working on it all along. Consequently, I have lots of edits I want to make, so I'm taking the chapter list down for now.

a great big stack of printed chapters loaded with post-it notes for necessary editsIf you've been following this story, waiting for chapter 79 to be published, let me know, and when it's finished and posted, I'll send you a note. I'm still predicting about 92 chapters, so I'm getting really close to the end.

On top of I/V, I have to - have to - get the new Imagine website going full force (plus a redesign of the CRLL website!) Two other things I've been talking about forever. I am in a bog over choosing a look, a mood, a template, but it's beyond time for action!

Thank you, thank you, to everyone who's written me with support and encouragement and concern. The edits and the next chapter are first on my to-do list. All of I/V will be back ASAP.

~ Carole