2016 - The Year I Wrote Nothing Postable

It's not that I didn't try. I thought about Iron/Velvet Chapters 79 through 90 (or 91 or 92 or 100) every day and on every dog walk and every night as I was trying to get to sleep. It's not that I didn't sit down and actually type words on a (stark) white page. I did ... only to purse my lips and shake my head at the end of a writing session and move the day's file to Drafts (Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Even Worse). Chapter 79, a pivotal chapter in I/V, has 18 starts that I saved. A few - a lost-count few - I deleted, immediately emptying the trash so I couldn't pull them out later and try resuscitation. Argh.

Add to that, this: For last Winterfest's Bringing The Light project, I had a pretty decent idea. I started it, and started it again. And again. Winterfest 2016 arrived and I wasn't finished. I kept on with it even after the celebration began (since we can post and submit the links to stories ourselves even during the party days now). I'm looking at that folder today - 9 drafts. None good enough to share. I missed all the deadlines, missed participating in a lovely project. Drat.

I didn't like anything I wrote in 2016. Not one word.

All alone, I bewept my state, troubled deaf heaven and my seemingly absent muse, looked upon myself and cursed my inner critic, all the while listening only to her coldly silent disapproval.

However ... 2017 is another year. And I intend to not repeat myself.


For how, click HERE:  A Winterfest 2017 Themed Project - THE WAYS CHANGE - A Call for Participants!


NYC Utopia said...

Awaiting break of day with constant hope,
lark @sullenearth.org
with love! :)

Carole W said...

Oh, hugs, hugs, for that, Claire!