A Winterfest 2017 Themed Project: THE WAYS CHANGE - A Call for Participants

Vincent standing amidst three tunnel entrances. Light shines on him from every direction. Text reads: The Ways Change

"The ways change," Vincent said.

Or they could ...

I had an idea for a story for last Winterfest - one for the Bringing The Light Project. I couldn't finish it, couldn't get it right, but I've thought about it quite a bit since last February. When I told SandyX about it – explained the premise and the plot – her reaction was ... "But, but ...  You don't believe that. You don't even like that sort of story!"

"I know!" I said. "It's really outside my box!"

Thinking back to our conversation, a lightbulb went off. A challenge idea formed. I feel new inspiration to get back to work on that story now, and I hope you, too, will be similarly inspired. I'd like to invite anyone interested to participate in this project for WFOL 2017.

Create something, anything, Beauty and the Beast - a story, a poem, a work of art - that positively explores a theme or characters or relationships outside your regular BatB Universe. Something outside your comfort zone, outside your normal, outside your natural storyline parameters.

For example, I might write a story in which Catherine chooses Jenny (of all people!) as her one friend to tell-all to, to bestow The Secret upon, to introduce to Vincent and the tunnel community. The concept makes me gasp, just thinking about it; it's so far out of my realm of acceptable and believable. But therein would lie the challenge - to write a story in which Jenny doesn't mess up the privilege of knowing.

Another example of writing outside my box, or changing my ways, would be for me to write a SND story, since my Vincent and Catherine universe doesn't include the Trilogy at the end of season 2 or anything from third season.

In other words, consider a story theme, situation, or involving characters you'd have sworn you would never write.

I'll post any submissions received at www.batbimaginethat.com (my eventual new home for all that is now here on Blogger). Send me your edited, ready to post stories and poems or artwork by February 2. You can send me Word docs, or Pages files, or pdfs, or jpgs or pngs.  If you have any questions at all, drop me a line or leave a comment here.

anothertime44 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Hope to hear from you!

PS: Having others involved in this project will, I believe, help me break through a writing rock-fall (see that post HERE), so I hope you'll consider contributing.

PSS: And by the way, that Jenny-story idea example is not the one I'm planning to write for this challenge, so if you're likewise panicked at the thought of Jenny knowing about Below, go for it!  :-D


Anonymous said...

The story itself is still settled in the BATB-Universe though, right? Or did you have something totally unrelated in mind?

Greetings from across the Pond,
the Cat

Carole W said...

Oh, most definitely a BatB story, just one that is outside your regularly accepted universe.

For another example, for me, writing a She's Not Dead story would be outside my normal boundaries, since my Vincent and Catherine story line doesn't include the trilogy or what happens in Though Lovers Be Lost. A SND would be hard for me to write, but it would be a challenge.

I hope you have something brewing! :-)


Barbara said...

I hope others are as excited to participate in this project as I am. I can't wait to see what people come up with! It's a great idea!


Carole W said...

I'm really really trying to get my story in shape enough to share, Barbara! There's still enough time - there IS!!!!

So to anyone yet noodling, take heart - I can add stories to the project up until the last day of WFOL.