The Honeymooners - illustration by Kat

Kat's The Honeymooners was originally the prize
at the end of Imagine's Winterfest Treasure Hunt Game.

She's a fantastic artist, isn't she!

{I have a new story idea, one I think would be perfectly illustrated by this drawing. 
Its title will be This Wing'd Hour. A gauzy story. A very gauzy story. 
I'm going to beg Kat to let me use it. :-)}


Kat said...

No need to beg Carole - it's yours in every sense to use as you wish:)


Carole W said...

Wheeeee! When it's written, I'll show it to you first, just to make sure it's okay with you. It'll be a while though.

Thanks! :-D


Kat said...

:D Great!! I'll look forward to it!
Take your time - there's no rush:)

x - K

Carole W said...

4 years later, but I *still* have this idea for an accompanying story. One of these days, I'll make good on it!