Iron/Velvet - Edited Chapter Notification

Chapter 30 has been edited and reposted!

 The Gentle Wind Doth Move Silently, Invisibly 

And some good news on the new material front – I'm halfway through Chapter 47! 

Some of you may recall I left Vincent and Catherine both on the brink of some serious conversations. This chapter's title is A Trickle of Saying that Will Not Cease. Finally! They're getting to it. :-D



NYC Utopia said...

Vincent isn't the only one waiting in the shadows... I'm here... rejoicing over the good news!

Carole W said...

Thanks, Claire. I know it's been a long wait for newly penned chapters. The edits - since I've added so many details - feel like new writing to me and I hope will better set up and support the ending - if it ever comes!

I should bet busy … right now! :-D

See you soon,