Chapter 45 of Iron/Velvet is published

Here's #45 ~ The Steep-Coiled Stair ~

 #46 will be the last edited chapter to be posted. Beginning with #47, it's all new material. I simply cannot believe it's taken me a year to edit and repost these chapters and write the new ones I have. My mind is truly boggled.

If I say Never Again, and then start something this long and involved, someone will bean me, right? Bean me hard!

I've changed the graphic on the main page to something fallish in Central Park - something I did while procrastinating … I mean, thinking. :-D



Krista said...

LOL, Carole, if you think any of your readers would consider beaning you for something that makes a great story better...I think you may have the wrong group of folks ;)

Looking forward to reading the new (old) chapters that are yet to come and the new (new) chapters too.

-Krista :)

Carole W said...

Aww, thanks, Krista. You're good to me, so supportive and patient. I'm a lucky girl.