Too Many Tomatoes

They're messing with my levels  (to borrow a line of dialogue from the movie Jackie Brown).

By Friday, I'll have this many picked again.
Need more canning jars and more neighbors. :-D 


Brenda K said...

Time for spaghetti sauce, gazpacho, salsa, rich tomato/basil soup, and pickled green tomatoes!

Also time for tomato/basil/mozzarella salad, stuffed tomatoes (with tuna salad, cold -- or with rice & cheese, hot)

And best of all, fresh from the garden sprinkled with lots of salt!

Carole W said...

Yum! All of it!

But you forgot to say "I'll be right over!" :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow! This reminds me of my childhood and our family's 1/2 acre vegetable garden. Lots of spring and summer days planting, weeding, picking, shelling, snapping, canning, freezing, etc., to put food away for a family of 8.

Glad those days are behind me. I emphatically do not like gardening and I'm terrible at it, although I greatly admire those who love it and are gifted at it.

Good luck with your canning projects!

Regards, Lindariel

Krista said...

I just rediscovered an old favorite sandwich the other day when it was too hot to cook---tomato on wheat, with a little bit of mayo, salt and pepper. However, curiously, I'm out of tomatoes. I don't suppose you have some you could spare? :-P

We lack the space (at the moment) to do much with a garden and all we're growing is some ridiculously hardy weedy kind of grass. I only hope our garden (next year LOL) looks half as good :)

-Krista :)

Carole W said...

Argh! We picked another two bushels. What was I thinking? (I know what I was thinking - last year was a terrible year, so I planted double) This weekend will be spent making marinara sauce and ketchup. We put up pickles yesterday - or rather, Terry did. I stayed up in the office in the cool (finishing the chapter - yea!), only going down to offer my taste-approval for the brine.

Yes, the tomato sandwich is the mainstay of summer. I long for them and honor them and appreciate the no-cooking required, if you don't count the bacon thing when it's time for a BLT, and will be sorry again when the tomatoes are all gone.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, Krista, Lindariel and Brenda!