WFOL 2013 - TREASURE HUNT, Continued

a photoshopped image of Vincent carrying a heavy timber, wearing jeans and a work belt but no shirt. The photo is taken from behind. I'd title this: Baby's got Back!

So, yeah. This is supposed to be helping me concentrate on my work. LOL. Right
I could find many, many things that need his attentions, 
as long as he keeps working ... like that. 

But now look. After all that work, he's all tuckered out.

A photoshopped image of Vincent asleep under a down comforter. He's obviously sleeping in the buff, though nothing is exposed save his shoulder and arm and his drawn up knees. The covers cover everything else. His hair fans out over the pillow, and he has the blanket tucked up under his chin. You can see his one arm and one hand, and he's sound asleep.

I guess we'd better tip-toe off.
And you'll want to be on your way.


Anonymous said...

Baby, baby, OH BABY!! :D