Okay. Earlier … before Vincent, ummm, went to work …
you saw some illustrations from the story in progress

An image of a stone tile carved with an intricate Celtic knot. Text reads: Iron Behind the Velvet

A dark and mysterious stone cellar, with a flight of narrow steps leading up into a pale light.a photograph taken inside a wall walk - or mural passage - a stone wall built so that someone could walk within its walls and not be seen passing. A secret passage within a stone wall.

a very romantic photograph of an underground bathing chamber, through a key-hole door - a private pool Vincent and Catherine use, and use quite well!

And Vincent, Catherine, and Father 
bemoaning the time it's taking me to finish it …

Father is looking at Vincent with an incredulous expression on his face. The text reads: Father says, "Still? Surely you do … something … to hurry - I mean - help her?!"Catherine is at her desk, her hand to her forehead, looking pained. Text reads: How much long can this possibly go on?

Vincent at his desk with his hand covering his eyes; Catherine sitting on Vincent's bed. Text reads: Vincent! You can't just sit there! Do something!Vincent and Catherine on her balcony. She got her head propped on one hand, looking up at Vincent with a curious expression on her face. Vincent leans on the balcony wall, looking pensive. Text reads: You thought of something, Catherine says. Yes, Vincent answers. Catherine says, Tell me.

Catherine is gripping Vincent's arm; he's looking all worried. Text reads: Vincent says, "I don't know if I'm up to this." Catherine says, "You can do it. I don't mind sharing you … if it gets the job done."

So what do you do next?

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