WFOL 2015 Treasure Hunt – Still Looking For That Mug Of Beer

Welcome to Imagine That's Winterfest Treasure Hunt Game

And image of Devin at the airport checking through customs, bearded then. When asked the reason for his visit, he said 'tourism. Still looking for that mug of beer'. The text on the image reads - and the title of this treasure hunt is - Still Looking For That Mug Of Beer

This activity is an illustrated sequel (of sorts) to a story originally posted during WFOL 2013, Everything Is Waiting For You, as one of the submissions to the Reflections project. That story is part of the arc still being added to here at Imagine That. You can read that here, but you don't need to in order to answer the questions in this game.

And so ... on to the Hunt. This is an easy one. You'll be on your way in no time!


Still Looking For That Mug Of Beer

Your Brewmaster's certificate! Devin, congratulations!

What about it, huh? It IS official, suitable for framing even.
I won highest honors with my American Imperial and my English style.
Deep Earth Stout and Crystal Cavern Pale Ale I called them.
What will the Old Man say, do you think?

He'll be proud. And he'll wish he could taste your winning brews. 
He's been ... dismayed ... by William's turn from beer and mead 
to what Father calls hodge-podge wine.

'Waste not, want not' isn't really working. 
His last batch was made from beet peels and kale stems.

It met with rather ... poor reviews.